Company Overview

Triyaso Telekominfo is recognized as the frontrunner in the field of multimedia presentation and computer gadgets. The company's major product lines are projectors, screens, presentation equipments, pda/pda phones and various gadget accesories such as memory cards, batteries, chargers and cases.

Since its foundation in 1991, Triyaso Telekomindo has strived to deliver superior services to its customers. With more than fifteen years of hard work, the company has cultivated a long list of satisfied customers including major companies such as Bank Central Asia, Telkom, Ericsson, other government institutions and private companies, educational institutions, etc.

Triyaso is the appointed distributor for InFocus in Indonesia and has received numerous awards for its achievement as the top selling distributor in the Asian region. This alone proves Triyaso's loyalty and commitment to both its partners and customers. However, the company continues to learn new advancing technologies and seek new opportunities and thus it launched a subsidiary company, Digital Screen International, which market home entertainment products such as Sonos and Analog Way. And with the recent appointment of Triyaso as the ASUS PDA Phones distributor in Indonesia, the company further strengthen its foothold in the information technology arena.

Triyaso puts great pride and value in its team members. They were thoroughly selected and prepared to performed excellently on specific area whether it is pre-sale, post-sale, technical support, installation, or maintenance. The company provides them a challenging and rewarding working environment where they can work synergetically together as a strong team.

We invite you to browse the rest of the site to learn more about our products and services. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

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