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> InFocus Projectors

InFocus is the market leader in digital projectors. They deliver high quality products that are easy to use, produce excellent image projection and true multimedia capability. As the sole distributor for InFocus, we provide all range of InFocus projectors and accesories.

Projector Accessories

We provide various accessories for projectors such as projection screen, table top, projector mount, connectors and InFocus accessories such as cables, remotes, projector lamps and many other.

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> Sonos Wireless HiFi

Sonos is the ultimate frontrunner in wireless music solution. Their Multi-Room Music System creates a dedicated local Sonos network through wireless and/or ethernet connections which allows for the streaming of digital audio to any Sonos device on the network. The products are well designed and very easy to use.

Control4 Automation System

Control4 manufactures affordable & easy to use Home Automation Solutions. They offers wired and wireless solutions and allows you to control virtually everything in your home – automate your lights, manage your audio visual products, enhance your home security & much more.

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InFocus Top Brand 2012

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